Stunning Dresses Created By Creative Fashion Designer Using Everyday Objects!

Have you ever watch amazing fashion illustration made with everyday objects? This talented fashion designer and fashion illustrator uses everyday daily objects to make his fashion designs looks realistic and unique. Watch BEST OF EDGAR ARTIS | Stunning Dresses Created By Creative Fashion Designer Using Everyday Objects till the end.

The fashion designer, Edgar Artis uses common objects that you can find it at your home such as cabbage, sugar, strawberries, flowers, leaves, pencils, paper clips and more. The results just amazing!

Edgar draws ladies
and creates for them dresses that are never drawn, but made from something that
we use in our real life! He makes dresses from flowers, vegetables, fruits,
fast food, liquids, paper and more!

If he’s not using
these things, he cuts out the hole in the paper where dress should be and then
he creatively uses the objects around him to fill that gap and create a
beautifull dress!

Watch his best works
and making process and visit Edgar's Instagram page for more fantastic dresses: 


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